How to clean limestone stains in the bathroom

Bathroom is considered the dirtiest room in the house compared to other rooms because it is a gathering place for many germs Therefore, to keep the bathroom clean regularly. It is a very necessary thing ever.

By one of the most common problems with the bathroom of almost every home is Problems related to ” limestone plaque ” that is on the island in different areas.

Which scrubbing by using water alone May not remove these plaques enough especially around the sink, faucet and tile corner that are prone to limestone problems

So today we have a good way. to help deal with these plaques to disappear for sure with these different methods

*** Before cleaning the bathroom every time Should wear rubber gloves before doing. Because it has to catch various chemicals. that may be harmful to the skin Including if you can put a headband to cover your nose, that’s even better. ***

If it is limestone perched on tiles

Find anything that is iron. or hard metal come to scrape off the limestone But if the plaque occupies a very wide area and difficult to scrape off Then use caustic soda or chlorine to pour it all over before scraping off the limestone.

But be careful Matter of the etching effect of caustic soda as well. because it may cause grout marks fall out.

Plaque in the toilet bowl

How to do it easily just bring vinegar Pour it into the bowl and let it sit for 15-20 minutes, and the limescale will be corroded by the vinegar.

But if you still see plaque remaining, I used to scrub the bathroom. You can scrub again.

If there are limestone deposits on the faucet area

Then use vinegar and pour it onto the cloth. Then wrap the faucet and leave it for about 1 hour, then remove the brush or sponge. Or may be used to remove limescale. available for sale can be used to clean.

That’s it, plaque in the bathroom. will be completely eliminated but even then, It is not a permanent removal of tartar. because of new stains can happen again and again.

Therefore, the bathroom must be cleaned frequently. in order not to cause too much limestone Until making it difficult to get rid of it.

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